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some food is on a white plate with orange flowers and candles in front of it
Instant Jalebi with VIDEO - Playful Cooking
Jalebi Recipe - How to make with Yeast - Playful Cooking
two desserts on a white plate topped with whipped cream and strawberries are sitting on a wooden table
Thai Recipes, Thai, Food
some food is sitting on a wooden cutting board next to bowls and spoons filled with sauce
a plate with some food on top of it
What if we told you about a dish that you could have for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Yes, you heard that right, for Cinnamon brings you to you its trademark #Cinnamazing Chole Bhature, kyunki dil hai Hindustani! Reach us at +91 92047 57207 to rediscover this Indian favourite in a new light! . #thesonnetjamshedpur #sonnetjamshedpur #cholebhature #indianfood #cinnamon #cinnamazing #cinnamazingbuffet #buffet #breakfastbuffet #lunchbuffet #dinnerbuffet #jamshedpur #jamshedpurbuffet #foodbloggers
Stuffed Cheesy Spinach Naan - Binjal's VEG Kitchen
Stuffed Cheesy Spinach Naan
Stuffed Cheesy Spinach Naan - Binjal's VEG Kitchen
a wooden plate topped with food next to two bowls filled with different types of sauces
two pieces of toast on a plate with blueberries and oranges next to it