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a bundt cake on a platter with ribbon around it
Receitas Fáceis: Como Fazer Comidas Rápidas e Baratas para o Dia a Dia!
Bake a delicious Yule Wreath for the holidays!
an old bicycle wheel decorated with dried flowers and feathers for fall decor on the wall
"Wheel of the Year" for door? Materials Needed: 1. old wheel from a cart or small bike, about 12 inches across 2. heavy leather belt or rope 3. hardware (to hang from) 4. twine 5. assorted fall foliage With twine, gather together nature’s bounty, such as Indian corn, garlic cloves, broom corn, and bittersweet; tie to the wheel. When winter comes, replace fall foliage with a garland of holly and ivy or holiday ornaments.
an ivy covered building with a window in the center surrounded by green and yellow leaves
Color Wheel in Ivy
Colors of autumn for Mabon
chocolate cookies with white frosting on top and some other desserts in the background
Mini Gingerbread Whoopie Pies with Cream Cheese Filling
It's not the holidays without gingerbread... why not make it in the form of whoopie pies?
there are many different pictures that have been made to look like christmas decorations and ornaments
The Design Files
DIY holiday village - complete with flickering LED lights! Adorable!
a person pouring syrup into a bowl filled with apples
Foodie - Live a Delicious Life: Kitchen Tips, Culinary History, Restaurant Recs
Spiked Wassail Recipe for Yule
a wreath made out of pine cones and ribbon on a wooden fence with red berries
Artdecographic.info | Free Download Popular Template
Homemade Yule wreath
a christmas card with an image of santa and his reindeers
Almost time for Yule...
a roll that has some red berries on it
Make a Yule Log in a delicious incarnation...
a painting of two people on a sleigh pulling a christmas tree and horse drawn sleigh
Yule Christmas Graphics
Happy Yule!
three candles are lit in the middle of a cake
Yule Log Crafts and Magic
Celebrate with a Yule log
a christmas ornament hanging from a tree branch with pine cones and holly berries
Mistletoe Ornament, Yule
Mistletoe for Yule
an image of a woman with wings on her body and surrounded by holly wreaths
Yuletide Wishes!
three ornaments hanging from a tree with animals on it's sides and one animal in the middle
Wilder Speckled Dinnerware | Crate & Barrel
Woodland ornaments
a painting of a man with holly leaves and pine cones on his head, in the snow
Week 31 – Yule Ritual
Holly King
two red candles sitting on top of a wooden box filled with greenery and pine cones
Yule log
a painting of a man with a beard holding a tree branch in his right hand
Gathering the Mistletoe
a woman riding on the back of a reindeer in a green dress and red hat
Bright Blessings for Yule
a close up of a wreath on a tree
Felt Mistletoe Wreath - perfect for Yule!
the cover for samhanna, with an image of a dog and a bird
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a painting of a woman in a red dress holding a black cat and pumpkins
Old-style illustration
some pumpkins are sitting in the grass and lit up with orange lights on them
Celtic Pumpkins
a wooden sign that says magic happens every day but only some believe the pumpkins
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magick happens...
two carved pumpkins sitting on top of a rock wall next to a stone fence
Halloween Celebrated Around the Globe - Mole Empire
Follow the old Irish tradition: carve turnips for Halloween instead of pumpkins!
the table is set with candles and pumpkins
81 Cool Fall Table Decorating Ideas - Shelterness
Autumn table
a wreath is hanging on the front door
Samhain Wreath Tina CU Full by Midnight-Crafts on DeviantArt
Samhain Wreath by ~Midnight-Crafts on deviantART
a woman sitting on top of a pumpkin with her hands in the air, surrounded by witches
Happy Samhain!