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10 useful life hacks.

10 useful life hacks: filling your car with gas, eating breakfast,simply touching money,keep 2 email account and how to extend your Hulu plus trail account for another free month, and more….

How to teach children to tell the truth. It has been proven: all kids and teens, even grown ups lie sometimes. We all want to avoid looking bad. Its ok to admit mistakes, we all make them. Keep your cool. Don't set traps or kids will find ways around them. Avoid calling anyone a liar. Give them a chance for a do-over. Praise truth telling when its difficult to do. BE AN EXAMPLE! Kids notice when we lie, even so called 'white lies'

How to teach children to tell the truth. We can't expect our children to be honest if we are lying. Set a good example. We can't expect them to want to tell the truth if we scare and offer punishment. Discipline not punishment.