How to cut glass with yarn and fingernail polish remover.  Perfect for making candle holders, drinking glasses, planters, Lanterns, etc.

Christmas DIY: How to cut glass wit How to cut glass with yarn and fingernail polish remover. Ladies Start saving those wine bottles and your man's beer bottles. Perfect for making candle holders drinking glasses planters Lanterns ect.

Several kinds of glass cutting tutorials

What a huge wealth of interesting information on cutting bottles. I have a lot more respect for the glass cutters. This is way beyond drilling holes.


Giant memory holiday jar fill with sand and shells from holiday beach and precious memory photos from holiday place led battery tea lights inside or fairy lights beautiful next to be on bedside cabinet or in window sil

centro de mesa con botellas de vidrio

With so many rustic wooden box centerpiece ideas, it's easy to find a project that fits your home perfectly. Enjoy the best designs for

Cool idea and I just so happen to have plenty of wine bottles!

Be Creative with Old Wine Bottles After you drink the wine, what the heck can you do with the wine bottles. Quite a lot, actually. And wine barrels make great DIY project too. Here are some DIY Wine bottle ideas; let us know which project you will try.

Botellas Cortadas Convertidas en Vasos para Velas.

Bsab Candles uses reclaimed beer bottles as the holder for these soy candles. They smell amazing too.

cut the bottom out of a wine bottle and add candle for an instant romantic setting....

Botellas y velas para un centro de mesa