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Pearl ||| Steven Universe

Beach City Bugle: Drawing Things Out Steven universe

I will fight in the name of Rose Quartz.

saskyang: “ backpacking to alien hotspots (to get peri some merch) ”

peridot, lapis lazuli, and lapislazuli image

They remind me of Lars and sadie

human AU of pilot amethyst and pilot pearl amethyst is kinda the saaameeee anyway hope you enjoy this doodle

vidalia and steven universe image

Nice picture of Vadalia



“My tears are always frozen…”

stevenuniverse, su

picture of lapis and peridot together

Steven universe RubyxSapphire

zuliobro: “ “ inktober requested by Gabriel Lemos Request: “Ruby…

P:Greg!hizo algo! A:Relagate Perla no voy a dejarlo caer. G:Habla.

bird mom, fun mom, and square mom care for baby steven