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a close up of a person's leg with tattoos on it and flowers in the middle
Passion Flower 🌿 . There is still blood left. . . . . . . . . #flowertattoo #tattoo #passionflower #passionflowertattoo #colortattoo… | Instagram
a green and yellow plant with the words epifremium aurum on it
Epipremnum aureum
watercolor painting of purple flowers and green leaves
an illustration of some red flowers on a branch with green leaves and two white buds
watercolor painting of flowers and leaves on a white background
Illustration / Choc
Illustration / Choc on Behance
a drawing of a flower with green leaves
The Gardens of Their Dreams | Robin Lane Fox
Design, Coffee Art, Plant Illustration, Coffee Plant, Plant Images
a painting of leaves and berries on a branch
Coffee Plant
an old book with some yellow flowers on it
Broom, Dyer's (Genista tinctoria)
the flowers are labeled in spanish for each type of plant to be found on land
Spartium junceum (Gayomba, retama de olor)