I& like to copy the floral burst on the curtains onto a pillow and finish it in crewel.

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Michelle Over Sized Clutch featuring Otomi Embroidery – Rosemary Collective. women's fashion and style.

Corredor de la cama mesa bordada Perú de blanco Alpaca por khuskuy

Table Bed runner embroidered Peru Off White Alpaca wool handmade flowers boho-chic bohemian eclectic style peruvian loomed

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“The beauty of reflects pre-Hispanic traditions & the arts of spinning, dyeing, weaving & embroidery🇲🇽

Bolsa bordado mexicano Lapicero por EricaMaree en Etsy                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Change Purse Made in Mexico Embroidered Details - The little sister to the Chantel Wallet. This Mexican embroidered boho pouch showcases simple clean lines with bright happy embroidery threads. Erica Maree delivers a romantic bohemian accessory wi.

OTOMI PILLOW COVER Pink Ready to Ship Free Shipping por YucuNinu

The fabric used to make this striking pillow cover has been hand embroidered by a group of female artisans with whom we work from Hidalgo, Mexico. The design is inspired by Otomí legends and the region’s rich plant and animal life.