Capitulo Dos: Jade, perla y oro

I usually don't care for most of today's tacky re-painted older furnishings, and I especially can't stand repainted fine antiques and fine reproductions. But, these vintage bed stands were nothing special, and now they are lovely! The difference is the ap

Mesita de Noche Vintage Pampy   Material: Madera de Abeto   ... Eur:149 / $198.17

Showcasing a botanical bird design, this elm wood chest of drawers is ideal for housing night-time essentials and displaying your favourite reading lamp.

Últimamente me ha dado fuerte por ver muebles pintados con pintura a la tiza. De echo estoy pintando mi mueble del salón con esta técnica. Me encanta el acabado, sobre todo cuando se hacen con toques mas antiguos o rústicos.

Muebles pintados con pintura a la tiza

Aqua Turquoise Distressed French Armoire Dresser With Aged Copper/Ebony Patina Más

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