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Center of Brain, Behavior and Metabolism in Germany. Architects: Hammeskrause Architekten #atriums

Completed in 2016 in Lübeck, Germany. Images by Werner Huthmacher. The international research building Center of Brain, Behavior and Metabolism (CBBM) at the University of Lübeck provides 320 scientists, doctors and.

Natural Autobahn : Foto

Patrick Ruijzenaars / In imagining and designing forest is frequently talked about the final stage. Equally interesting is the way to get there. It takes many human lives, indeed a lifetime, for them to mature and a young forest is often the least.

2 pavimentos. 3 quartos.

This is very close to what I want. Add a rooftop deck, a bigger balcony on second level and and a covered deck on the bottom from the balcony.