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gabriela caravello
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Angry Birds from Cardboard Tubes - Crafts by Amanda

Kids will have a blast turning something plain and ordinary into a fun new toy. These Super Cute Toilet Paper Roll Animals are just adorable. The easy kids craft idea will keep them busy for hours. Crafts with toilet paper rolls are simple.

My Pretties: An Angry Birds Birthday Party

Tink is Angry BIrds crazy and I can see her having a themed party and Bret and I doing the fun filled treats and games!

Angry Bird Eyes                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

when i was little i use to play this game Angry Birds and i always remember playing it

Printable for The Contemplative Creative: Project : Angry Birds "Toss Across" Game

I created an Angry Birds version of "Toss Across" to act as a time filler while the kids waited for others to arrive for our Angry Bird.