Massive amounts of rainbow confetti was tossed as the bride and groom recessed up the aisle. "Even though we knew it was coming, I think we were unprepared for the actual effect," said the bride. "It felt like we had just won 'So You Think You Can Dance.'" As for the groom, he had completely forgotten about the confetti exit, and was totally surprised when it happened.

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The bride's maid of honor found airplane-shaped confetti for guests to toss after this ceremony in Bali.

The Confetti airplane-shaped confetti punched from old maps. Cones made from banana leaves were filled and handed out along with the programs.

Mini striped envelopes sealed with red "Toss Me" stickers held oversize confetti for guests to throw at the end of this wedding in New York.

Mini striped envelopes sealed with red “Toss Me” stickers held oversize confetti. Wedding programs came in a matching cherry shade.