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an alligator riding a bike next to a person on a bicycle with a quote from edward goree
an old book with a cat sitting next to a red purse
Louis Wain – part 4
ART & ARTISTS: Louis Wain – part 4
an orange book cover with a black cat on it's back and the title gobbling the witch's cat
a woman in a dress and hat standing next to a tree with a poem written on it
a drawing of a cat dressed as a clown holding an umbrella and wearing a red outfit
ヒグチユウコ展 CIRCUS [Higuchi Yuko CIRCUS]
a pencil drawing of a cat and a fish on top of each other, with one mouse
Yuko Higuchi ヒグチユウコ (b.1974) — (647x900)
an old book with pictures of people dressed in animal costumes and text that says,
The Doubtful Guest…
a drawing of a woman standing in front of a bird flying over her head, with the caption life is disarraying and uncertain she said about to draw the curtain