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Oh Marge Homer: I’m sorry I lied to you, Marge. But this gun had a hold on me. I felt this incredible surge of power, like God must feel when He’s holding a gun.

The 20 Most Cromulent Simpsons Episodes of All-Time: #16

14 weeks until “The Simpsons Movie” and the tension in the air is almost palpable. Wait– that’s not tension, actually. That’s snow. And rain. And sleet. And wind. Man, April sucks…



If you like zombies, we got Zombies! It's an all-out Zombiefest this month at Bongo! First, Homer leads an ever-diminishing group of survivors in their quest to stay alive against a marauding horde of cannibalistic zombies! And Bart and his friends must fend off the shopping dead while trapped at the Springfield Mall. Then, Homer and Bart must protect the nuclear power plant from a zombie invasion. Finally, a Zombienado strikes Springfield! (Need we say more...?) It's a lighthearted, night…

Marilyn Manson Funny

Marilyn Manson In A Fridge by dark-nemesis-7 on DeviantArt

Marilyn Manson Funny