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an old building with ornately decorated walls and ceilings
After the final curtain: America's beautiful abandoned theaters.
Abandoned Theaters
an old run down building with stairs leading up to the second floor
an empty room with wooden floors and large windows in the center is painted yellow, while another room has ornate plaster work on the ceiling
Black and Gold. | by schräglage
an old white house sitting on the side of a road
Abandoned House Tivoli Texas
Abandoned House Tivoli Texas
an old building with stairs leading up to the second floor and a skylight above it
I'd love to renovate a place like this. With that skylight it could be such a lovely, bright space.
an old wooden table with toys and other items scattered about on the floor in front of it
Old Toys.
Forget Forgot Forgotten - old toys
an old run down house sitting on the side of a road
an old stone tunnel with moss growing on the rocks and water running down it's sides
#abandoned-places on Tumblr
abandoned places | Tumblr
an abandoned building with arched windows and peeling paint on the walls is pictured in this image
Interview: Photographer Preserves the Frail and Forgotten Beauty of Abandoned Places
Abandoned Italian Hospital, cloisters by Matt Emmett
an empty hallway with several windows and radiators on either side of the corridor
The labyrinth school
The labyrinth school | Flickr - Photo Sharing!