Heartland - Georgie

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Alisha Newton who plays Georgie in Heartland

Chloe Horsey
Alisha Newton (Georgie) on set. #Season9


“ Block 3: Day 42. Photos by: Heartland on CBC, Wayne Pells, Amber Marshall, Craig Wrobleski and Marty Hanenberg. ”

Alisha Newton (Georgie) and her dog Zoey on set. #Season9


“Block 3: Day 44. Photos by: Heartland on CBC, Marty Hanenberg, Craig Wrobleski and Alisha Newton. ”

Alisha Newton


When the CBC hit family drama Heartland began airing in the U.S. 10 years ago, actor and director Chris Potter shared a theory with showrunner Heather Conkie about what might happen if it found an...

Alisha and Zoey

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