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Truth! Your belief system is personal. Don't impinge your religion on others.

Also "you are bad people for eating ice cream in the park on Mondays, you're both going to burn in hell, can't you see that?" ffs, leave people alone with your shitty rules and imaginary bullshit.

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typical House.

Gregory House: He did, however, get hit by a bullet.just mentioning it. Allison Cameron: He was shot? Gregory Hous No. Someone three the bullet at him. House MD quotes lol love that show

"Religion is the placebo of the masses" - Gregory House, MD.   ************************* I LOVE THIS POST~!

"Religion is not the opiate of the masses. Religion is the placebo of the masses" - Gregory House, MD. LOVE THIS QUOTE!


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Evolution vs creationism... why is this even being debated?

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Stop spreading false information to children. ... Ken Hamm, a total disgrace to logic & reasoning everywhere.

I would kick Ken Hamm right in his stupid Creationist balls, but that is not very Athiest of me.gonna kick him in his stupid, stupid balls.