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Discover a world of flavors with our collection of international snack recipes! These global snacks are perfect for any occasion and excellent for adventurous…
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chocolate balls with coconut sprinkles on a black surface next to a red and white striped napkin
Swedish Chocolate Balls (Chokladbollar)
Indulge in the sweet delight of these classic Swedish Chocolate Balls! These no-bake treats are made with rolled oats, cocoa, and dried coconut flakes. They're excellent for snacks or dessert—or any time of the day when you're craving something sweet!
a green plate topped with ice cream and pistachio
Pistachio Semifreddo
Indulge in the luxurious taste of this Pistachio Semifreddo! This creamy Italian dessert is a frozen delight, featuring the rich and nutty flavor of pistachios blended into a smooth, rich cream. It's perfect for a refreshing snack on warm days or an elegant dessert to finish any meal!
there is a pie that has been cut into pieces on the plate and ready to be eaten
Mascarpone and Dried Apricot Tart
Light, creamy and refreshing! A slice (or two) of Mascarpone & Dried Apricot Tart and you will end up eating this treat for your entire summer! A quick and easy summer dessert that satisfies all your sweet and creamy cravings! Recipe | Summer Dessert | Summer Tart | Fruit Tart. #mascarpone #apricot #tart #dessert
blueberry tarts with white chocolate drizzled on them and fresh blueberries
Blueberry Tartlets with White Chocolate Drizzle
Buttery, crunchy tart shells filled with gooey, fresh blueberry filling and a white chocolate drizzle! | #recipe
several pieces of chocolate tart sitting on top of a table
Salted Caramel Bittersweet Chocolate Tart
You won't be able to resist this salted caramel bittersweet chocolate tart! It's so incredibly smooth and rich- and of course, topped with homemade salted caramel!
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there are three desserts with whipped cream on top
Individual S'more Tarts Recipe
S'more Tarts - rich chocolate custard in graham cracker crusts topped with homemade marshmallow cream.
a fruit tart is shown on top of a white plate
Fruit Tart - Chef in Training
Fruit Tart... this fruit tart is as delicious as it is beautiful! It is the perfect summer treat!
some food that is on top of a metal rack and in front of the words swedish almond tart
Swedish Almond Tart
Great with coffee or tea for snack (or breakfast)! This tart is undeniably made of almonds; you get the creaminess, sweetness and crunch of almonds in every bite! Swedish | Recipe | Dessert | Toscabit | Scandinavia Recipe | Almond Paste | Tart. #swedishrecipe #almonddesserts #tartlets #scandinavianrecipes #authenticswedish #swedishcuisine
a piece of pie on a plate with a fork
Cannoli Tart.
Cannoli Tart I
three small pies on white plates next to grapefruit
Grapefruit Curd Tarts + Chamomile Whipped Cream | Lark & Linen Interior Design and Lifestyle Blog
Grapefruit Tarts
a chocolate cake with nuts on top is being served
Hazelnut Pistachio Chocolate Ganache Tart | Chew Town Food Blog
This delicious Hazelnut Pistachio Chocolate Ganache Tart recipe has a chocolate base, a dark chocolate ganache filling and is topped with caramelised nuts.
three different pictures of breads on plates with the words, trimidad style coconut tart
How to make Trinidad style coconut tart
Trinidad Style Coconut Tart - A common Trinidad and Tobago baked pastry stuffed with blended coconut stewed with additional spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. #Caribbean, #Trinidad
four square pizzas with meat and cheese toppings on parchment paper next to a knife
Onion and cheese puff tarts
Little onion and mozzarella puff tarts. Super easy to make, awesome starter, snack or even lunch / dinner. Give it a try, you won't regret it.|
there is a chocolate cake with nuts on the table next to some spoons and cookies
You searched for no-bake dessert - SoFabFood
This No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart is an easy dessert dream come true. A thick Oreo cookie crust, check! Cheesecake-like peanut butter filling, check! Silky smooth chocolate ganache topping, check! A simple no-bake dessert that only takes 20 minutes to prepare.
a cheesecake topped with sliced peaches and strawberries on a white table next to bowls of fruit
Peach Tart (vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar free)
This easy to make peach tart is ideal for summer, no-bake, vegan and gluten-free! #peaches #peachtart #summer #vegan #glutenfree #refinedsugarfree | via via @annabananaco