Kavita Singh

Kavita Singh creates original silk designs inspired by the beauty of nature. Kavita's original designs are hand painted on luscious silk georgette to create beautiful wearable art that you will love. Hand-painted silk garments include silk jackets, silk ruanas and silk scarves. Beautiful original designs are silk screened by hand onto ladies tees for great looking casuals.
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Washington Dc, Ux / Diseñador De Interfaces, Paredes, Giclee Print, Deck

Seda Pintado, Pintura En Seda, Washington Dc, Peces, Paredes, Giclee Print, Deck

Pintura, Seda Pintado, Painting

Pintura En Seda, Washington Dc, Peces, Ux / Diseñador De Interfaces, Giclee Print

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