Emilio Pettoruti (1892–1971) was an Argentine painter, who caused a scandal with his avant-garde cubist exhibition in 1924 in Buenos Aires. At the beginning of the 20 C, Pettoruti's career was thriving during the 1920s when "Argentina witnessed a decade of dynamic artistic activity. While Pettoruti was influenced by cubism, futurism, constructivism, and abstraction, he did not claim to paint in any of those styles in particular.

Pettoruti, Emilio - 1955 Winter in Paris (National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

White bird, 1959. Emilio Pettoruti, Argentinian painter. L'oiseau blanc,1959. Oil 145x57cm. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Emilio Pettoruti - El improvisador, 1937

Emilio Pettoruti Paintings ~Via alain jeanjean

Obras de Tarcila do Amaral (A lua)

The moon, Tarsila do Amaral. This painting was the preferred painting of Oswald de Andrade, her husband when she painted the work. He saved the picture until his death (even already separated from Tarsila).

Emilio Pettoruti「1892―1971」Pintor Argentino

As a pioneer of modernist art in Argentina, Emilio Pettoruti created an uproar with his scandalous avant-garde exhibit held at t.

Invierno en París (1955) Emilio Pettoruti

Invierno en París (1955) Emilio Pettoruti

Emilio Pettoruti - El Sifón, 1915

MID-CENTURIA : Art, Design and Decor from the Mid-Century and beyond: Emilio Pettoruti Paintings: El Sifón, collage on cardboard, 46 x 36 cm.