Shisha puntada del bordado Variación 3

Stitch Fun! Shisha Stitch – Variation 2

Shisha Embroidery Stitch Variation I did a lot of this when I was 13 and first taught myself and had noo idea it is considered an advanced form of embroidery. I wonder where I could find the tiny mirrors these days

N Rosca de María Corbet Aguja '

Sheesh – Some Shocking Shisha

Shisha embroidery with beads

A Shisha Tutorial with a New Foundation!

Let your reflect your love, using Shisha embroidery. “Shisha” are mirrors, and shisha embroidery is a decorative way of sewing small mirrors to the surface of fabrics.

shimmering shisha ,mirror work , indian embroidery using thread , mirror and kundan stones

Here`s another necklace using the Shisha mirror as the focal from my Shimmering shisha collection here . The mirrorwork embroide.