How To Build A Compost Bin From Pallet Wood

Cómo hacer una compostera con palets

Tutorial for compost container - in Spanish Great for the environment and your garden. Do NOT compost grass that's been treated with nasty weed killers however.

¿Quién ha dicho que necesita gran patio o jardines para cumplir su deseo de tener flores y plantas preciosas? El diseño del jardín vertical no requiere muc Más

15+ Ideas Sorprendentes para Hacer Jardines Verticales en Casa

Jardín vertical DIY - Vía

Jardín vertical DIY

Perfect for folks with limited space, or who just prefer a stylish garden bed for their deck, patio, or back yard, these vertical stacking planters are totally DIY-able.

jardi vertical

recycle your old wellies, boots into planters. Create a vertical garden with broken planters and recycled wood

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