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Flo Ren Cia Pigini

Flo Ren Cia Pigini
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#wattpad #random ¡Oye, tu! Animate a ver de que va esto .

Haha, I love these dorks and I am so glad that their not afraid to show their weird Side lol

Imagine kpop, bangtan, and gif

When you realize your friend got more lines than you in the play although you've had more training and experience and are nicer to the director. *sighs* Yoongi is even her bias>>honey I'm sorry for your loss

MY GOD JIMIN. And this is another reason i love Jimin, he thinks just like me

Seokjin es el amor platónico de Taehyung y el hermano mayor de Jungko… #fanfic Fanfic #amreading #books #wattpad

✡Exactly what the title says, a Bangtan Boys zodiac sign book✡ 🔥Will you get your bias? Read to find out!🔥 ↙↔↘↔ Striving for chapters↔↙↔↘ ✨ALSO. memes in every update✨

Hyung line Suga Hoseok Jin RapMon BTS

Hyung line I think I need to become a successful idol because these glow ups are amazing they need to work on me so I can develop over time like this honestly

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