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a statue sitting on top of a bench surrounded by lush green leaves and ivys
Zentralfriedhof cemetery. Vienna
a statue of a woman with her head in her hands, sitting on the ground
Mil huit cent soixante et onze (1877) par Paul CABET (1815-1876) - Marbre taillé par le praticien Jean-Barthélémy Daumas d'après le plâtre exposé au Salon de 1872 - Salon de 1877 - Musée d'Orsay, Paris 7 - Photo Hervé Leyrit
two hands touching each other on top of a statue
a marble statue with two cherubs on it
Category:Milon de Crotone, Falconet (Louvre MR1847) - Wikimedia Commons
there is a statue with a cloth draped over it's head and sitting on the ground
This Ivy House
Campo Verano Cemetery, Rome, Italy