Patrón de coser juguete PDF ePATTERN para por preciouspatterns

My younger kids want to design and sew their own snugglies - this would be a great place to start! {Toy Sewing Pattern PDF ePATTERN for Baby by preciouspatterns}

Como hacer Búhos de fieltro.Moldes

¡Búhos de fieltro para todos!

Make these out of fleece and fill with rice = hand warmers, cold pack for boo-boos, or hot compresses for eyes! so cute! My future kid might actually go for an ice pack if it's an owl!

hermosa selección de cojines con divertidas formas

Hermosa selección de cojines con divertidas formas

Nueve Softies animales de fieltro coser patrones - animales de primavera - PDF ePATTERN para cerdo, vaca, pollo, oveja, perro, gato, rana, conejo y pollito

Valentine Sewing Pattern - Nine Felt Spring Animal Softies - PDF e PATTERN for Pig, Cow, Chicken, Sheep, Dog, Cat, Frog, Bunny & Chick