Madera y blanco + lámparas colgantes

The Marseille 33 by offers the ultimate in home living with the design architecturally driven to optimise spaciousness through an open plan layout that cleverly draws in an abundance of natural light. Overhead cupboards in polytec Natural Oak Ravine

Esta casa no es una casa de campo. Es un regalo

EN EL SALÓN Sofás y puf de India & Pacific. Sillón de Merc & Cia. Alfombra de Francisco Cumellas y lámparas de sobremesa de Cottage Little House.

Lindo espacio en la cocina

Easy mix of wood and white, with a red rug and some mini trees for color. I like the idea of a bigger lamp in the middle but stronger lights by work surfaces. Coastal cottage style kitchen with minimal decor and a weather wood ceiling

This modern and minimalist light wood and white kitchen features black accents like stools and window frames, a large central island, foldaway cabinet doors, and a pantry with hidden lighting.

Light Wood And White Countertops Create A Neutral Softness In This Kitchen

Note from Alison: This is closest to the look we want to create in the kitchen and throughout the ground floor level: white walls, Scandinavian oak floors (with wide planks), and black steel windows and black steel accents in fixtures and design features

espacio integral: Livings de estilo moderno por Parrado Arquitectura

Moderna integridad de Parrado Arquitectura