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a person is swimming in the water
I love this feeling.... lay back.. look up.. from 80 or 90 ft below the waters surface. Its amazing, humbling, and intoxicating. #ScubaDive
a man swimming in the water near some corals
Coral Caves by Jacques de Vos / 500px
Why This Quiet Island Near Bali Is The Perfect Adventure Destination
Off the coast of Nusa Lembongan, Bali, you can find a secret underwater 'temple garden'
a large group of fish swimming in the ocean
a woman is floating in the ocean with her legs spread out and head above water
Top 50 des images les plus marquantes de 2018
Beautiful🤩👌 Reposted from @loha.amber (@get_regrann)  📸 @digital.depths .  @follow us for more visit @apnea.pirates @freedivinguae   . . #lovetahiti #tahititourisme #tahitilife #visitborabora #stregisborabora #srbb Butterfly Fish, Tropical Travel, Koh Tao, Ocean Creatures, Beautiful Butterfly, In The Ocean
Beautiful🤩👌 Reposted from @loha.amber (@get_regrann) 📸 @digital.depths . @follow us for more visit @apnea.pirates @freedivinguae . . #lovetahiti #tahititourisme #tahitilife #visitborabora #stregisborabora #srbb
a woman is swimming in the ocean with her surfboard and snorkels
15 Of The Most Incredible Discoveries Made By Divers - Travel Den
Interested in underwater exploration? We have selected for you some of the most incredible dive sites and discoveries made by divers. #divers #underwater #divesite #underwaterdiscoveries #underwaterphotography #underwaterexploration