Cortinas ideales para una casa rústica

Burlap and gingham curtains.I just like the burlap without the gingham.perhaps a solid color ribbon instead?

Repisas o mesas con Adobe o ladrillo. Reciclar adobes y madera.

Adorable set up for outside the shed! This is such a great way for me to use the ridiculous amount of cinder blocks left behind from our previous owner! Cute on the porch with some herbs!

O post de hoje é o segundo da série 'Casamento no Campo' No post anterior foi falado sobre como as cerimônias ao ar livre / casamentos...

Adding a hint of lace can really make a x Glass Jars Vintage Vases Wedding Centrepiece Shabby Chic Hessian Lace Twine

Custom Shabby Rustic Chic Burlap Shower Curtain Valance Lace Ruffle White French | eBay

Custom French SHABBY Rustic Chic Burlap SHOWER Curtain Valance Lace Ruffle White

This burlap has been pre-handle before made into this shower curtain. Now the Pre-washed burlap. It's almost no the bad smell and not such stiff.So shabby chic! This shower curtain size: wide,Long 74 ".

Burlap Valance Window Valance Housewares Window от Solnishko42

Burlap Valance Window Valance Housewares Window Treatment Kitchen Valance Rod Pocket Home Decor Curtains Draperies Custom Valance

Divinas Cortinas En Arpillera Convinadas Con Puntilla. - $ 480,00

Divinas Cortinas En Arpillera Combinada Con Puntilla