Es increíble de como podemos combertir unos simples cd a un mosaico para bandejas

Hermoso mosaico para bandejas hecho con CD's

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Remove/"Crackle" reflective portion of CD to expose the translucent disc/create an easy decorative design


Aires de fantasía para tu jardín

turn ugly concrete pavers into beautiful creative stepping stones that inspire your children's imagination. Colourful butterflies, ladybirds, insects, frogs, flowers and (Garden Step Brick)

carteles cuadros frases madera reciclada vintage 60x30cm

Carteles Cuadros Frases Madera Reciclada Vintage 60x30cm

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Make Cement Leaves! In a bucket or pail, mix two cups of cement with 1 cup of water to create a thick paste. spread the cement mixture onto each leaf. Allow the cement to dry then Flip the mold over, and remove each leaf.