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Now is not the time. | 19 Things The "Lord Of The Rings" Characters Were Really Thinking On Their Journey
Just look at that cloak! Soft Summer, dull? Never.  (I don't know if Liv Tyler's a SSu or not, but she does look incredible here)
The only love story that mattered in The Lord of the Rings was that of Legolas and Aragorn || this made me LOL!
Summary of Lord of the Rings: Legolas looks awesome.
One pinner said it's "Arwen". I'm not sure who that is (is she from Lord of the Rings or something?), but it's a pretty tiara. :)
Lord of the Rings cast. Top left to bottom right -- Sir Ian McKellan, (Gandalf) Dominic Monaghan, (Merry) Liv Tyler, (Arwen) Viggo Mortensen, (Aragorn) Elijah Wood, (Frodo) John Rhys-Davies, (Gimli) Billy Boyd, (Pippin) Sean Bean, (Boromir) Cate Blanchett, (Galadriel) Sean Astin (Sam) and Orlando Bloom. (Legolas)
I got Kili!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I can't handle this much happiness!!!!! - Which Male "Lord Of The Rings" Character Would Fall In Love With You?
Lord of the Rings Door Hanger Quotes "You Shall Not Pass" and "Speak Friend and Enter" by OohhhBurn on Etsy
Lord of the Rings Moria. I should paint this on a door to lord of rings nursery glow in the dark paint?