Embroidering a butterfly using satin stitch

A clear and concise demonstration of using colour shading to fill in an embroidered image. Not really a tutorial but gives a good idea of how it's done.


Blanket Stitch It is also the binding stitch sometimes used to edge evenweave fabric to prevent it catching and fraying during the embroidery process. Additionally you will find it widely used in crazy patchwork and appliqué.

divinas macetas! Elegantes!

love me some succulents! i've been painting cheap terra cotta pots with bright colors to adorn our front porch but i love this idea of adding the gold foil triangles!

Yumiko Higuchi

embroidered fabric before making purse. Really lovely flowers…

Rose Leaf Stitch. jwt

Rose Leaf Stitch – Not a Leaf, But a Bud

Simple is Good: Straight Stitch Embroidered Flowers – Needle’nThread.com

Simple is Good: Straight Stitch Flowers