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Por quién doblan las campanas Ernest Hemingway

Por Teodoso Navidad Salazar* La biblioteca del Archivo Histórico General del Estado de Sinaloa, posee un magnífico acervo bibliográfico. Destaca por su puesto la sección Sinaloa (historia regional y literatura de escritores locales) y buen número de novelas, historia del arte e historia universal. Un buen día localicé un título que me llamó la atención: Por quien doblan las campanas, escrita por Ernest Hemingway, que había leído en una semana, siendo estudiante de la Escuela Normal Superior…

Ernest Hemingway - Cuba, July 1940

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Ernest Hemingway’s burger recipe is the manliest thing you can do with a cow except beat it up

That’s a lot of butch in one photo My favorite Hemingway anecdotes always revolve around him being absurdly macho—like when he mocked F. Scott Fitzgerald for his monogamy, or when, in an attempt to prevent sharks from eating the tuna he had just caught, he opened fire with a Thompson submachine-gun directly into the water. This, of course, was pretty counterproductive, since it only produced more blood, attracting more sharks and exacerbating the feeding frenzy. It only makes sense that…

Ernest Hemingway’s Alternate Endings to ‘A Farewell to Arms’ |

A forthcoming edition of the literary classic, will include 47 different endings that Hemingway wrote and then discarded.

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Martha Gellhorn, frère d’armes

Reportages inédits de la journaliste américaine, envoyée très spéciale à partir des années 40.

Ivancich, Adriana (1930-1983)

EMH went hunting in 1948 in the Veneto region of Italy with the son of Italian ship-building nobility, Gianfranco Ivancich. He met Gianfranco’s little sister, 18 years old, and was immediately infa…

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The Hemingways Hold Grudges, and Other News

Quoth Patrick Hemingway, “I’m not a great fan of Vanity Fair. It’s a sort of luxury thinker’s magazine, for people who get their satisfaction out of driving a Jaguar instead of a Mini.” VF rejected his dad’s story “My Life in the Bull Ring With Donald Ogden” in 1924, and apparently the Hemingways hold a …

Idaho 1939-1960

The Libraries of Famous Men: Ernest Hemingway

What may not be so well known about Papa Hemingway was his own voracious reading appetite. He once said, “I’m always reading books -- as many as there are.”

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Did being dressed leave Hemingway confused about his sexuality?

Ernest Hemingway's mother forced her son to dress in gingham frocks and crocheted bonnets and wear his hair in a shoulder-length bob to match his older sister Marcelline.

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Cuando Ernest Hemingway tuvo que sacrificar a su gato

Ernest Hemingway amaba a sus gatos por encima de casi cualquier cosa. Uno de los días más tristes de su vida tuvo lugar en febrero de 1953 cuando tuvo que...