Flash drives

Everything is better in LEGO form, including USB thumb/flash drives. These are working thumb drives that are stylish and great for taking small data on the go, making the LEGO brick usb thumb drive perfect to stick on to your keychain.

unforgettable flash drives

5 Impossible-to-Lose Flash Drives

Geektastic Designs: 50 USB Gadgets

iTwin’s device consists two USB drives that also come as a wireless USB data bridge. When you need it, you can separate them and plug them into separate computers to allow instant sharing of files.

Batman flash drives!

Batman Mimobot USB Flash Drive for Teens - Each holds 8 GB of info & comes preloaded with exclusive Batman and Mimobot content like special sound software plus icons and avatars, wallpapers & more. Windows and Mac compatible.

Flashclip -Flashdrive holder  #Flashclip

Flashdrive holder - 2 for $4.00

Flashclip -Flashdrive holder #Flashclip