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30 Plus Innovative Pallet Recycling Projects

The creative people know how to use the recycled wood pallets to inspire others with their creation, nothing is better than the furniture that is created at home using the wood that is of no use other than utilizing it to decorate the home in a unique way

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Interior stone wall ideas that will truly make your home look like a castle.

Isla formada por la pared de piedra y paneles de madera rica a juego con los gabinetes a lo largo de esta cocina, cuenta con encimera de mármol y se crió superficie de comedor de madera.

399 Kitchen Island Ideas for 2018

This picture, I like the corner pantry and counter to the right of the fridge. Island comprised of stone wall and rich wood paneling matching the cabinetry throughout this kitchen, features marble countertop and raised wood dining surface.

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This is helpful in picking the right height bar stool for the kitchen counter.

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Black iron support from square shelf above to table thru to floor. No shinty silver- black pipe or painted/metal stools and mid size fridge also needed i layout

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