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the interior of an empty pharmacy with lights on and counter tops lit up in blue
Angelius Pharmacy interior 2011
the front desk of a pharmacy with many medicine bottles on it's wall and shelving
Farmacia vespolate, nomade architettura e interior design | homify
an empty shelf in the middle of a store
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an empty white building with lots of windows and lights on the side of it's doors
farmacia coloma — homu arquitectos | valencia (españa)
the front entrance to a green and white store with an advertisement on it's door
Pharmacy Architectural design & decoration in Agios Stefanos
a store front with an advertisement on the side of it's glass door that says papapoketo
Φαρμακείο Χειμωνίδου Μαργαρίτα (Καλλιθέα)
an empty pharmacy room with rows of shelves on the wall and lights in the ceiling
Klaus Bürger Architektur  |  DocMorris-Apotheke, Limburg
the interior of a pharmacy with green and white lights
Klaus Bürger Architektur  |  DocMorris-Apotheke, Limburg