How to Make Mini Tassels.

How to Make Mini Tassels -

These little mini tassels are adorable! Mini tassel steps can also be done with yarn.

How to make a tassel

ok IDEA __Tutorial showing how to do buttonhole stitches to cover the top of a handmade tassel. Truly elevates the sophistication and beauty of the tassel.


Part of a tassle pillow diy. but this shows you how to make a tassle. Easy peasy and so cute! (for garland?

DIY Tassel (via operationoverhaul)

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Last week I shared a tutorial for making a notebook out of paint chips with some cute handmade tassels attached. In that post I promised a tassel tutorial for making your own tassels and here it is! Below you will find a step by step DIY for making tassels out of embroidery thread or crochet thread…

DIY Tassel Tutorial

DIY Tassel Tutorial Maggie Holmes Tassel Tutorial Want excellent tips and hints regarding arts and crafts? Go to my amazing website!

Yarn Tassel Knob Bobbles

Yarn Tassel Knob Bobbles

in crazy colors & in neutrals gray to khaki in all green, in various shades Yarn Tassel Knob Bobbles. Make a few simple yarn tassels and attach to an old bracelet, wrap with yarn.