Felt mandala with hand painting: pattern and tutorial in Russian with many photos. Google Translate works great! She did the painting with tube acrylic paints in small cones like you would use for frosting decorations.

Felt mandala with hand painting: pattern and tutorial / Создаем яркую мандалу из фетра: по ссылке есть шаблоны I would like to use embroidery thread to form the lines instead of painting on.

Es increíble de como podemos combertir unos simples cd a un mosaico para bandejas

Hermoso mosaico para bandejas hecho con CD's

cage à oiseau, vu dans reportage france 2 - juin 2012

Bird home, make from wire coat hangers, sew little bird from fabric scraps,add little chandy bling on top


Mural Musaico - Mosaic - Cactus Ricardo Stefani perform this mural mosaic technique

White Russian gift sets.

On the second day of holiday Kahlúa gave to me … two Black Russian kits. Include in each Black Russian kit: 1 x Mini Kahlúa bottle 1 x Mini Absolut bottle 1 x Festive rocks glass 1 x Cocktail spoon

Sostenedor de vela de linterna de madera por SycamoreStVintage

Rustic Wood Lantern Candle Holder. Bedroom Decor. Vintage. Wedding gift. Mother's Day Birthday. Wedding decor. Rustic wedding. Centerpiece

SALE PDF ePATTERN for Giraffe Elephant and por preciouspatterns

PDF ePATTERN for Giraffe, Elephant and Hippo Pillows Sewing Pattern

Giraffe, Elephant and Piggy pillow pattern using cozy fleece