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two dolls are sitting side by side, one is talking on the phone and the other is holding her hand to her ear
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a poem written in spanish with two hearts
a black and white photo with the words, si perdonas demasado se accostumban a falarte
Fotos: Las mejores frases para superar una ruptura
Las mejores frases para <span>superar una ruptura</span>
a person holding up a sign that reads millado terno solo lo conoce quen lo merece
Así Soy Yo Jaja | Frases Bonitas, Frases Motivadoras, Frases Cursis 334
a pink background with the words no soncelos son marpositas emputadas
a piece of paper with writing on it that says yo tambien die solo sonos amigos y me termina
a note written in spanish on a piece of paper with a fountain pen next to it
a piece of paper with writing on it that says te - ojio written in spanish
poema para identificarse...♡
Espero les guste este poema creado por mi, perdón si hay muchas frases repetidas pero espero que les guste...♡
a piece of paper with writing on it in spanish and english, next to a computer keyboard
a piece of paper with hearts drawn on it and the words in spanish are written
poesía triste
a piece of paper sitting on top of a computer keyboard next to a note that says, supreas que cuandao me escribes