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a long line of rocks in the grass next to a sidewalk with a fire hydrant
Borduras para jardín con materiales reciclados
a cat laying on top of a grass covered field next to a green plastic container
Expert Gardener Green Metal Edging, 36"W x 4"H - Walmart.com
there is a long line of rocks on the sidewalk
Argentina | Eight Days, Four Hotels | La Bamba de Areco Estancia
Stones - La Bamba de Areco Estancia, San Antonio de Areco, Argentina
some rocks and green grass in the middle of a wall with a line between them
Zillow Learning Center
Contemporary Patio - Find more amazing designs on Zillow Digs!
some rocks and grass in a black planter
Modern landscaping
Transición de materiales, contención perimetral de roca de rio suelta dentro de cajo de acero, absorción de agua de lluvia (desagüe)
some plants and rocks in the middle of a sidewalk area with concrete blocks on it
mid-century modern
I like the black rocks with concrete paving stones
the couch is made out of wood and has blue cushions on it's sides
Marc Wolterbeek
Marc Wolterbeek tuinbankhttp://www.marcwolterbeek.nl/pages/design_01.html
a black couch sitting on top of a wooden platform
Loungebank 'CUBA' in Accoya hout | MEUBELEN
Timber seating with black cushions. A beautiful and timeless combination. Pinned to Garden Design - Outdoor Furniture by Darin Bradbury.
the steps are made out of rocks and gravel
Decorative Landscape Design
Stone Rain Gutter Splash Block- a look that isn't tacky!
an outdoor garden with potted plants on the ground and a metal gate leading to it
ELLAS INSPIRATION - Veckan som gick...
pretty pale gravel and stone paving path with contemporary horizontal slatted fence - ellas inspiration - - inredning för ditt hem trädgård!