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breads and pastries on display in a store
embalajes de madera
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a bakery with lots of food on the counter
Más que una reforma integral: franquicia "El taller" by Sincro - Decoratualma
En el mundo de la decoración tendemos a mirar los trabajos de estudios de fuera de nuestro país, nosotros los primeros, y aunque también...
people are standing in line at the counter of a bakery with many items on display
Rye, a Grain With Ancient Roots, Is Rising Again (Published 2017)
On weekends, Orwasher’s in Manhattan makes an old-school kornbroyt, a slow-risen, rougher-textured bread with more of the whole rye grain. Kornbroyt is prized by Jewish bread aficionados because in this era of puffy, sweet breads and bagels, it still has the pull and tang of tradition. (Photo: Evan Sung for The New York Times)
a bakery filled with lots of pastries on display in front of a chalkboard wall
lo que nunca puede faltar en toda 'merienda' mexicana: pan dulce
a restaurant with many food items on the counter and hanging lights above it's counters
FREUND GmbH | Ladenbaukonzepte | Kaffee Privatrösterei | 37327 Leinefelde-Worbis
Bäckerei Gulde, Rottenburg, Theke, FREUND Ladenbau
a bakery filled with lots of different types of food
an open kitchen with lots of food on display
Cafe Mobile App : How will it help me? - TechnoReview : Business Mobile Apps to Boost Your Business
The Folly. London, UK. Mostrador de merceria, pantallas hechas con macetas sacando todo de su lugar de origen!
breads and pastries are on display at the deli
Shop Shelving | Rustic Artisan Crate Combinations Linkshelving
Want more rustic ideas, or look for those perfect products for you store? Try Morplan! We sell all kinds of retail supplies:
the shelves are labeled with different items for display and price tags on them, along with information about each shelf
a bakery display with breads and pastries on shelves in front of a window
Panadería Combinación 05