Portrait oil Paintings

What we see is a face, but what we really are is behind it and nobody can see it, those are our thoughts. SERIE - Portraits of a Thought - Valeria Feliú
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Valeria Feliú - What we see is not what we see, but what we are. (Fernando Pessoa) – Oil painting

Happines will not come by chance - Oil painting.

Checking the past has kept behind – oil on canvas, 19.6x23.6 in.

I’ll never know – oil on canvas, 60x80Cm. Instagram: @FeliuArt

Valeria Feliú - Overthink – Oil painting

valeria Feliú - I will never see you again – Oil painting

Valeria Feliú - Thinking that there are no guarantees for such a dream – Oil painting

Valeria feliú - Homage to all Fridas – Oil painting

Valeria Feliú - My head is a jungle – oil painting