Aerial view of Avenida 9 de Julio.  The widest avenue in the world.  Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

Aerial view of Avenida 9 de Julio. The widest avenue in the world. Buenos Aires, ARGENTINATravel Share and enjoy!

A short guide to the top ten best cafes in Palermo in Buenos Aires. The perfect stops for tea and cake.

Top ten cafés in Palermo, Buenos Aires

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3 days in Buenos Aires: Palermo Soho

Buenos Aires: Palermo Soho - um lugar, a viagem, as histórias, um caso de amor.

Palacio Piccaluga, Recoleta, #Buenos Aires, #Argentina

Palacio Piccaluga, Recoleta, #Buenos Aires, #Argentina

Es las Galerías Pacífico en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Se puede comprar muchas cosas en el centro comercial.

Galerías Pacífico Shopping Mall on Florida St, Buenos Aires

Ecléctica Buenos Aires: San Carlos: la flor de Almagro.

En este templo fue bendecido por el ahora Papa en 2007 cuando eraarzobispo de Buenos Aires y cardenal primado de Argentina. This church was blessed by Father Bergolio, when he was the Cardinal of Argentina. Now he is Pope Francis.

Argentina Travel Tips l Read our blog post on the best street fairs & open-air markets in Buenos Aires, Argentina! l @tbproject

The Best Street Fairs of Buenos Aires

New7Wonders Iguazu monument enriches Buenos Aires -  just 100 meters away from the El Obelisco. The monument is located on the corner of Avda. 9 de Julio and Avda. de Mayo, at the Plaza Provincia de Misiones, and is in the form of a circular curtain of water that will provide a natural haven in the middle of the city for many “porteños,“ as the inhabitants of Buenos Aires are called.

Iguazu monument in the city of Buenos Aires. Monumento a la Cataratas del Iguazu, Buenos Aires.