Coco-Lined Rail Mount Planter | The Lakeside Collection

Coco-Lined Rail Mount Planter lets you hang flowers or greenery off the railing of your front porch, backyard deck or apartment balcony. The metal hanger slips right over the railing and adjusts by hand without tools to fit rail widths up to

Porche de madera para salvar el calor del verano y conseguir una agradable sombra en su terraza

patio awning blue concrete - santa ynez house - fernau + hartman architects - photo © richard barnes + marion brenner via archdaily

Modern take on a Victorian veranda for front of house

7 ideas for your home

Home painted cream and beige with black windowbox and pergola with planters in entryway |Quincy Hammond | Delicacy of time

Os Sofisticados Jardins de Quincy Hammond

Complementos Casa y Jardín: Pérgolas de hierro

Complementos Casa y Jardín: Pérgolas de hierro