Tips para aprovechar mejor los espacios

Tips para aprovechar el espacio en salones pequeños

Living e sala de tv / home theater by UNE CASA Arquitetura Pufes e mesa lateral linda

Especial Frida Kahlo #Frases

Donde no puedas amar no te demores - Where You cannot love, .do not delay.

Peinados recogidos con trenzas verano 2013-2

easy and nice

Platos alegres para decorar una pared y piezas de distintos colores para el comedor

El estilo bohemio o boho chic

inspiration -- turquoise table (w/ mismatched chairs painted the same color) for "formal" dinning room off the kitchen

Sofá hecho con bloques de cemento

Más ideas para decorar con bloques de cemento

How could a cinder block possibly be interesting? Well, they may be what you need for your next DIY home improvement. Check out these cinder block projects!

Paul and Linda McCartney- Self-portrait

LindaEastman and Paul McCartney

Lana Del Rey... Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful??

“ Lana Del Rey for Clash Magazine Photograph by Neil Krug ”

Lana Del Rey for Honeymoon shot by Neil Krug

Lana Del Rey’s Honeymoon to be released September

Paul looks not a little scary here, but OMG how adorable is Mary with her little head hanging out?? She doesn't even look real!!

Linda McCartney, title unknown (Paul McCartney and their daughter Mary)

izis bidermanas photography - Google Search

Old fashioned boy girl kid phone photo

muchos cuadritos muchos!!

Pastel Pink Chairs and Accessories For Living Room Style

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey for Nylon Español

Helen Levitt. New York, 1982  (checker cab)  14 x 11" silver print

Helen Levitt Dies At 95

lauramcphee: “ New York, 1982 (Helen Levitt) ”

vintage everyday: Amazing Pictures of Celebrities with Their Vintage Cameras

Self Portrait, Paul and Mary, London, 1969 by Linda McCartney this is so cool I love this

I am literally obsessed with Neil Krug

Portraits of Lauren Marie Young. Selected photographs of Lauren Marie Young from several shootings by Neil Krug. The photographer captured the model effect

"The boy walked down the road with his dad and his dog."  This is a BORING beginning.  Write a 1-3 sentence beginning using an action, question/exclamation, thought/feeling, or sound.  Use descriptive language, and put your reader right at the beginning of the action.

Paul McCartney with adopted daughter Heather. Photo by Linda Eastman McCartney.