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Speech Pathology

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5 Steps to Starting Your Practice — Private Practice SLP

Private Practice

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How to Assign Google Slide Activities (Free Guide)
Using Boom Cards on SeeSaw and Google Classroom - Miss Kindergarten
Linking Interactive Google Slides in Seesaw - YouTube

Virtual Tutorials

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Gingerbread Videos for Teachers
Make a fun snack mix with assorted rainbow colored tasty treats! This easy colorful Rainbow Snack Mix is perfect for St. Patricks Day

Lesson Plans

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When they're babies, you get it, but how do you help an older child who chews on everything??? Find out some great strategies for oral sensory input! SPD ASD
OT Ideas for Sensory Seekers You Can Do At Home: Try these tricks in your own home to get your child started on OT.


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Spanish Subjunctive: How To Use the Spanish Subjunctive With “Cuando”. Spanish subjunctive is always a trouble for students. Today I share a simple trick that will make you more confident when speaking Spanish and help you use Spanish subjunctive correctly in sentences with “cuando”. Repin this post for later!
These Spanish Thanksgiving coloring pages, Thanksgiving yoga sequence, Thanksgiving game with craft and movement, and the dual-language book Gracias by Pat Mora all provide lots of Spanish Thanksgiving vocabulary about the natural world for kids learning Spanish. http://spanishplayground.net/spanish-thanksgiving-activities-natural-world-vocabulary/
*Free Download* - Phonological Patterns of the English Language Learner. Summary of table comparing Spanish English alphabets, vowels, and consonants. Visit our website for more information and free resources: www.bilinguistics.com (Spanish Speech Therapy - SLP - Speech Pathology)

Spanish Resources

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The Processing Program Combo | 2nd Edition-Hardback | Product Info
Building Verbal Imitation Skills in Toddlers
Monthly templates for parent newsletters will make parent communication simple! Use PowerPoint to quickly customize each month's updates using the editable text boxes. Then send to parents via email (with the full color version), or print (using the black and white version), since both are included! #speechorganization #speechtherapy #speechtherapistorganization #schoolSLP #noprintspeechtherapy

SLP Wishlist

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Fifth Grade Life Science Worksheets: Awesome Anatomy: Speaking of Which...
cranial nerves NCLEX RN - This is EXACTLY how we learned them! And you WILL need to know them!!!!
Testing cranial nerves through oral mech exam Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources http://pinterest.com/sostherapy.

Anatomy and Physiology & Neuro Disorders

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(Auditory Training for Children) Children with hearing loss have reduced expressive and receptive vocabulary. This resource provides activities that can be used to help a child enhance their semantics and improve their syntax or MLU; as well as improve their ability to listen and identify different sounds. (Flora Notes; Infants and Toddlers who have hearing loss)
Learning Cued Speech | Watch a sample lesson and get some tips on developing cueing fluency. Pinned by Personal Touch Therapy. Follow all of our pediatric therapy boards @Personal Touch Therapy
cued speech

Audiology & Hearing

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Pediatric Assessment Tools For Nurses
speech therapy techniques for cleft palate (easily explained, great for students)
Therapy techniques (hypernasality and nasal emissions) | slpsandclp3

Pediatric Medical

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Vowels transcribe
Soundable Game in iTunes #slpeeps #slp2b   Great game for SLP undergraduate and graduate students learning phonetics - and great for SLP nerds like myself
Phonetic chart:Good Review since Grad School was a long time ago!


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Also included is a Roll-a-tooth game where students can color, use paint daubers or place marshmallows over the number tooth that is rolled until a winner is determined. Review the anatomy of the mouth or quiz them on tongue placement between each turn. Last, you will receive a printable mouth diagram that students can label as review. (Great to use when returning from Winter, Summer or Spring break!)
Metalinguistic Cues - descriptions, imagery and verbal cues for stimulating sound production. Thanks to Caroline Bowen (http://speech-language-therapy.com/pdf/metalinguisticcues.pdf)
Articulation Chants for Speech Therapy

Speech Sound Disorders

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Wine Bottle Labels for teachers & SLPs - Adhesive Labels 10-Pack
Great book list suggestions for speech therapy. I loved reading #2!!
Coffee Into Speech - Travel Mug

Speechie Things & SLP Pop Culture

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putting words in your mouth: MEMES Only SLPs Will Laugh At
Our jobs are HARD and sometimes we have to laugh just not to keep from crying. If you are an SLP, or particularly a #SchoolSLP, check out these memes all about our #SLPlife that only WE can understand! #memes #speechmemes #SLP #speechtherapy #sped #speechpathology #speechlanguage#speechfun #speechfunny #bts #backtoschool #slpblogger #puttingwordsinyourmouth
Hilarious SLP Ecards from @Sublime Speech (Danielle Reed) (Danielle Reed) (Danielle Reed) (Danielle Reed) (Danielle Reed)!


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Sentence Frame Graphic Organizer
The Source for Processing Disorders by Gail J. Richard, Ph.D. Published by Linguisystems. Great resource for auditory processing and language processing deficits.

Child Language

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A breakdown of Evidence-Based Practices and how we use them in speech therapy.
Professional Development Corner: Documentation – A Valuable Lesson - pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit  ht.ly/63sNt for all our ped therapy, school & special ed pins
Clinical Skills Confidence: Record A Session — Teach Speech 365

Speech 101

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4 reasons why you should have a peer mentor and some key steps to building a peer mentoring relationship
Great information for CFs and young SLPs about mentorship! From Speechy Musings.

Supervision and Mentoring

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Characteristics that Differentiate Autism from Other Language Delays Lau...
Autism Parenting Advice for Moms - Optimize Your Language to Improve Communication #Comprehension #CommunicationSkills #Autism #Parenting #SocialSkills #ABATherapy #AAC #PECS #ADHDKids
Amanda explains the differences between a temper tantrum and a meltdown.  Date: not found By: Amanda Morin - Former teacher and proud parent with learning & attention issues. Author of: Everything parent's guide to special education. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources pinterest.com/sostherapy/. 21h

Autism & PDD

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Stuttering Fact Sheet - very objective, good for parents and teachers. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at pinterest.com/sostherapy for therapy resources.
Free! quick and easy fluency sample recording form for Speech Language Pathologists. Simply record a fluency sample and then use this form to trac...
What Stuttering Treatments are Effective? Follow us at www.gr8speech.com and meet Gr8 Speech therapists.

Voice, Fluency, & Speech Science

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chain of thought app - good game for aphasia, word-finding
Cookie Theft Picture
Free Adult Speech Therapy Goal Lists

Adult Speech, Language, and Cognition

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First Bite Podcast | SpeechTherapyPD.com | ASHA-Certified CEU's |
You CAN do speech therapy at home! 30 Quick and Easy activities you can try today. #speachtherapyactivities #speachtherapy
24 Online Speech Pathology Programs - Speech is Beautiful

Web Resources

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Use of core vocabulary words has been shown to provide AAC users with the vocabulary they need to serve most of their communication needs. The researchers whove developed the Developmental Learning Maps (DLM ) have identified a basic core of 40 words that are a beginning word set to meet the needs of emerging communicators. $
Resources for A Year of Core Vocabulary: March Words
Toy boxes with core vocab


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If you need assistance on how to edit and/or utilize Digital Interactive Notebooks in Google Slides for your classroom, you have come to the right place! In these videos, I will be referencing the Editable Digital Interactive Notebook Templates in this post. This digital Google Slides resource provides editable Interactive Notebook Templates that you can


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Zoo Trail Mix! Just mix together animal crackers (I used the regular and chocolate varieties from BJs), goldfish, Craisins, m&ms, Froot Loops, and pretzels! I would have added almonds or peanuts, but tried to be allergy friendly! The kids lovvvvved it!
Make a fun snack mix with assorted rainbow colored tasty treats! This easy colorful Rainbow Snack Mix is perfect for St. Patricks Day

Early Intervention

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Speech Classroom

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One Stop Teacher Shop: Free Resources for Non-Fiction Texts and free center response sheets
How to get started on Google Classroom in kindergarten.

Speech Classroom Technology

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