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a black and white dog standing on top of a log
Mid-content wolfdog | Rachel Lauren Photography
a black bird flying through the air with it's wings spread
Wow amazing |Photography by Gunnar Gestur #Wildgeography by wildgeography
a wolf walking across a body of water next to a tree trunk and some vegetation
ancientdelirium:“(via Water Hole by Jack Milchanowski)”
a close up of a tiger looking off into the distance
a white wolf standing on top of a rock in front of trees with orange and yellow leaves
a large gray dog laying on top of a sandy ground next to a yellow frisbee
Blue high content wolfdog
a person holding a small gray kitten in their hand with the caption, i am not sure what this is
Awww Puppy
Itty bitty greyhound puppy..awww by margery
two pictures of wolfs running in the snow
a large black dog standing in the snow
a brown and white dog jumping up into the air to catch a frisbee
Borzoi aka Russian Wolfhound
a close up of a cat laying on the ground
Gorgeous Clouded Leopard
three white dogs sitting on top of a wooden deck next to each other and trees in the background
Borzoi / Borzoi es una raza de perro desarrollada en Rusia. El Borzoi desciende del galgo árabe, siendo parecido a un perro ovejero ruso. Anteriormente conocido como galgo ruso, fue originalmente criado para cazar lobos y liebres
a white dog with long hair standing in front of the camera and looking off into the distance
Her Imperial and Royal Highness Archduchess Maria Josepha of Austria (1864-1944) née Her Royal Highness Princess Maria Josepha of Saxony
Silken Windhound