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Facundo Veneciano

Facundo Veneciano
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estructura de cama para con cajones

Rate this from 1 to Queen Bed Frame Easy DIY Platform Bed Best queen storage bedframe, new, pine, 7 Drawer Mid-Century Bed - Acorn diy platform bed frame

Muy buena idea para iluminación del escritorio y un fácil acceso a la fuente de energía.

Construct a work bench "Light, Shelf and Power Box" in one which is great for a Makers workshop.Ive found it invaluable for close up work on projects as it shields your eyes from direct glare and reflects light off a back wall providing you a bright area

No way I could be that organized and clean! --- But I can dream!

Studley tool chest, built in the by piano craftsman Henry O. In a x deep box, he was able to expertly design spots for around 300 tools. This is amazing.