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BEST. PEELER. EVER. It is impossible to cut yourself with this, no matter what direction you like to peel in, and it doesn't hurt the hands AT ALL. Excellent for people w/ chronic pain or arthritis issues.

The "Chef'n Palm Peeler" for peeling thin-skinned fruit. They also have a "Chef'n PalmBrush" for cleaning fruits & veggies.

Puzzle table

Puzzle hidden storage stool- I want one so I can hide stuff in it and leave cryptic messages that leads to one thing and another and eventually leads to this box.

Four independently powered forms display nothing but accurate time when you mount them on the wall. During the day the numbers appear black, when it gets dark, the display turns white.

Black & White Clock can be stuck to any surface and displays the time, using energy-efficient Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLED). Depending on whether it is light or dark out, the clock will shift colors,so it can be viewed at any time of day.


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