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a man holding a camera up to his face with the words shutterr on it
Aquí hay otros 7 trucos de fotografía que harán de ti la envidia de tus amigos
Mira como Leo Rosas te demuestra con estos 7 simples trucos mejoras considerables que puedes reproducir en tus fotografías casuales!
the complete photography book, 2nd ed
El gran libro de la fotografia
ISSUU - El gran libro de la fotografia de donmichaeI
the cover of curso de fotografia noctura i basico
Introduccion a la fotografia nocturna
Introduccion a la fotografia nocturna Fotografía nocturna
a hand holding a smart phone over a cityscape with lights in the background -&nbspglobetrotterdiaries Resources and Information.
the sun is shining brightly in front of some trees and it's bright light
Diffraction, Aperture, and Starburst Effects
This charts show the effect of aperture on the size of the starbursts. As you can see, the smaller the aperture, the more emphasized the starburst. The same concepts apply during the daytime as they do during the night time.
four different images of flowers and plants in black and white, with the same color
Canon Powershot N100 Review