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Imágenes de Decoración y Diseño de Interiores

Diseño de Interiores & Arquitectura: Moderna Renovación de una Casa Junto al Río

Add interest to any fencing with different levels - designed and built by Urbane Projects, Perth. Amazing DIY landscaping ideas and designs that create great appeal for your frontyard.

Casa Tabique / TAC Taller de Arquitectura Contextual

Brick bearing wall with an unconventional way of creating door openings at Casa Tabique in La Paz by TAC Taller de Arquitectura Contextual.


Una terraza que transmite paz y serenidad

bamboo and grey.HINT: to prevent bamboo's infamous spread, plant bamboo within planters. The roots are then contained and cannot form running shoots throughout your yard. and the neighbor's yard.

Hostal Bioclimático y biofílico / Andyrahman Architect

Galería de Hostal Bioclimático y biofílico / Andyrahman Architect - 5

Image 5 of 23 from gallery of Bioclimatic and Biophilic Boarding House / Andyrahman Architect. Photograph by Mansyur Hasan


The Museum of San Telmo, in its present condition, represents the result of a long process of successive modifications which has partially altered its physic.

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Galería de E_RC / MAPA.a - 11