Peonies along with white cala lillies these are my favorite flower.especially in this beautiful blush pink color

Jardín de hierbas con tarros de cristal

Jardín de hierbas con tarros de cristal

Very clever! This way you can have fresh herbs year round! MASON JAR HERB GARDEN - Attractive & clever way to plant fresh herbs without them taking over your entire yard!

Campanula, perennial, different varieties and colors. This variety makes an excellent ground cover, long bloom season and returns every year!

Designer has this plant in the plan Campanula poscharskyana (Serbian bellflower, trailing bellflower) is a semi- evergreen trailing perennial, valued for its lavender-blue star-shaped flowers


Cómo reproducir el romero

Propagando suculentas con agua aceleraremos el proceso, aunque tal y como nos cuentan desde SAPERES, no es oro todo lo que reluce... ¡Te contamos cómo hacerlo!

Multiplicar nuestras suculentas... ¿con agua? Probemos este método alternativo

What could we love more than a succulent? A whole garden of succulents, of course! Lucky for us, it's easy to grow a collection of these hardy, colorful plants at home via propagation.

Alocasia, Oreja de elefante, Colocasia, Marquesa, Alcolcaz, Ñame, Manto de Santa María, Orejas de elefante, Ñame de Canarias, Taro de jardín

marquesa, alocasia o orella d'elefant (alocasia macrorrhiza)

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